Weekly Inspirations: AKA OMG, WTF’s, Cry-your-eyes-out, eat-your-heart-out or Whatev’s…December 4th, 2011

So, a while back, I was doing weekly FYI, but that just didn't seem exactly my style. So, it just kind of hung there and I haven't really done anything "weekly" since. Then I changed my approach and started looking - I mean REALLY looking at all the people I follow on Twitter. 4 words: AH.MAZ.ING.NESS! Seriously, people are truly amazing about what they share. And the sad thing is, some of these people aren't getting the recognition that they should. This is the truly AMAZINGNESS that you're probably missing out on. Some are OMG. Others are like, WTF? And still others are so good you just sit there crying your eyes out, some are eat-your-heart-0ut adorable, and some are just WHATEV - but with attitude. And that's why I'm renaming my weekly sharing series to: Weekly Inspirations: AKA OMG, WTF's, Cry-your-eyes-out, eat-your-heart-out or Whatev's...December 4th, 2011 Remember the movie Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore? This is the reality version. Except that it's not … [Read more...]

So, MY mom sent ME a full-size mannequin – what’s YOURS done for YOU lately?

So, my mom sent me a full-size mannequin. I don't even know what to say, so perhaps a picture: I put her in the garage, because why would anybody in their right mind need a mannequin in their home? The operative phrase here is in their right mind. My mom must have been using her LEFT mind - the one she LEFT behind when she called me to say: (True Story, NO JOKE) Mom: Bloomingdale's is having a sale on their mannequin's. They are beautiful. Do you need one? Me (bewildered???): What's on sale at Bloomingdale's? Mom: Mannequins. They are turning over the mannequin's and getting new ones. The mannequin's are beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with them! Me (still bewildered): Did you say mannequin's? Mom: Oh, you have to see them. They have *real* eyelashes and the fingers are just beautiful. I think you need one. Me: Did you just hit your head? Mom: honey, I perfectly fine. I just think you could do so much with her. You're just so talented that way. Me: … [Read more...]

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