I’m Slowly Turning Into My Mother and It’s Probably The Best Thing – EVER.

Moms come in all shapes and forms and mommy styles. When I say mommy styles - I mean the way you raise your kids. Boy, I sure wish I knew that when I first started. Growing up, I had a Mormon girlfriend. Whenever I was invited to her house, it was like heaven. Everything was neat and orderly. They had 7 kids in the family as did my family, but that was where the similarities ended. Whereas my household was chaotic, noisy, and crowded, something in their household made their home life just hum along. I concluded that it was her mom. Things at her house went like this: We would all come home from school, and when I was invited, I would just go to her house after school. We would enter the house from the back into a perfectly neat and orderly mud room. In the mudroom, we took off our shoes/boots, and hung up our coats. Their was a cubby hole for each member of the family so that coats, shoes and mittens did not get lost. There were even extra cubby holes for guests - like me. I … [Read more...]

Worried about the “Terrible Two’s?” The TEENAGE years last 7 years Y’ALL. GOOD LUCK.

I've been doing a LOT of reading lately. Reading blogs left and right. And you know what I've found? There are a LOT of mommy blogs out there. A LOT of them. OH, your kids are SOOO cute, and they say the MOST adorable things, and they have the cutest clothes, and look, little Jimmy just kissed his new baby sister... and blah blah blah and BAH humbug to you! Just kidding on the BAH humbug. But seriously now, I'm a mommy too - of teenagers. 16 & 18 to be exact. Where are all the blogs that deal with all the cute things teenagers say? Showcase what teenagers do? Where are all the blogs that make you go ahhh, "how cute? teenagers can do that?" I need some inspiration to make it through MY day too. Where are all those inspirational mommy blogs-of teenagers? I'll tell you where: NO WHERE. And why? When people ask me how old me kids are, I smile and tell them, 16 & 18. AND THEN they proceed to tell me: "You're so lucky you don't have to change diapers or worry about … [Read more...]

Sometimes LIFE happens, and sometimes, you kill something…

Last year, I had a friend of mine, who is certified in feng shui, come over and help me with the feng shui in my home. LUCKILY, she said that my home laid out pretty well, and I wouldn't have to correct too much in the ways of "bad feng shui." THANK the COCK of JUPITER (OK, I've been watching too much SPARTACUS > and if you haven't, you TOTALLY should!), because my husband already thinks I am looney, and if I had to tell him "honey, could you please relocate the bathroom to the opposite corner of the house - because it's bad feng shui" one more time, I think he *might* just divorce me. This is usually when I remind him, "don't forget, I one DAMN hot bitch." I *usually* get what I want until the next time I ask him something that seems ridiculous at first blush. Anyway, I digress. So my feng shui friend asks me, "Do you have any problems? Sometimes we can address problems in your life by re-directing the feng shui in your home." Well, since you mention it, I have these … [Read more...]

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