Problem SOLVED: We haven’t had a SOCK shortage SINCE!

I don't have a sock problem, but my husband does. And by problem, I mean, he's always running out of clean socks. This wouldn't be a problem except that he doesn't go shopping enough to replenish his necessities - like socks, enough. And when he's out of socks, I pay for it. I mean, he'll complain, he'll look all over the house, he'll get ornery, he'll leave the house late for work, he'll give me the dreaded *dirty* eye that implies that I somehow should have anticipated this but WORST of all, he'll resort to wearing dirty socks - and with a nose like mine - I can smell dirty, stinky, smelly, sweaty, worn sock, from across the room. EWWWWWW. Let me say it again. EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! ________________________________ He once even accused me: Husband: I can't find any of my socks. Have you been wearing MY socks? Me: I don't wear socks. Even if I did, I wouldn't wear YOUR socks. They have holes in them. AND, the heel would come up to my knee. I'm pretty sure you would have … [Read more...]

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