Why I Write, I’m a Genie and Granting Wishes!

I started my “adult” life very practically. My dreams of being a rockstar or famous author (either one would have worked out wonderfully for me!) had been put on hold in order to chase a college education, be practical, and make enough money to pay the bills. I listened to the practical, guiding voice of my father, and entered college – majoring in the most practical of all majors, accounting. 12 years later, my practicality had brought me to the top of my game – I was employed at one of the largest firms in my industry, holding an import title and a cushy job. I was well liked, successful at what I did, and a superstar in the company. A GREAT gig by all means, until one day I found myself thinking: I would much rather poke myself in the eye with this pencil than sit through another one of these financial meetings... I really didn't want to poke my eyes out, so the only other choice was to correct what made me feel the way I did. So, I began making a series of changes that … [Read more...]

I’m Slowly Turning Into My Mother and It’s Probably The Best Thing – EVER.

Moms come in all shapes and forms and mommy styles. When I say mommy styles - I mean the way you raise your kids. Boy, I sure wish I knew that when I first started. Growing up, I had a Mormon girlfriend. Whenever I was invited to her house, it was like heaven. Everything was neat and orderly. They had 7 kids in the family as did my family, but that was where the similarities ended. Whereas my household was chaotic, noisy, and crowded, something in their household made their home life just hum along. I concluded that it was her mom. Things at her house went like this: We would all come home from school, and when I was invited, I would just go to her house after school. We would enter the house from the back into a perfectly neat and orderly mud room. In the mudroom, we took off our shoes/boots, and hung up our coats. Their was a cubby hole for each member of the family so that coats, shoes and mittens did not get lost. There were even extra cubby holes for guests - like me. I … [Read more...]

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