Just so we’re CLEAR…

NINJA (bitch), CEO is always learning. I mean - I DO follow the ways of the ninja. Take every opportunity to learn something new, or in the bitch's case, take every opportunity to share (-er force) *useful* lessons with everyone I love. Hence, my series, JUST so we're CLEAR... "JUST, so we're CLEAR" are just everyday lessons I see around me - and I want to make sure everyone around me, "gets it" (gets educated) as well. NINJA (bitch) CEO, is always so helpful! Read on - you'll get the idea. JUST so we're CLEAR... these are life lessons - YO! These are important! These are MUST read. -NINJA (bitch), CEO … [Read more...]

Just so we’re CLEAR…I’ll make you so miserable, cancer will be the least of your problems.

As we are watching Breaking Bad: Me: Just so we're clear...if you get cancer, you have to tell me. Like, as soon as you know, I need to know. Richard Dere: For sure. Me: And just so we're clear, you probably should just let me know when you're going to the doctor anyway. Richard Dere: Yep. Me: AND, just so you know, you shouldn't get cancer. If you do, I'll make your last days so miserable, cancer will be the least of your problems. So, you're better off NOT getting cancer. Richard Dere: ?? Me: It's just my way of saying, I love you. Don't get cancer. I'll make you miserable = I love you more. Richard Dere: OK. Thanks. I think. Er, I think I love you too. … [Read more...]

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