Weekly Inspirations: AKA WTF’s, Cry-your-eyes-out, eat-your-heart-out or Whatev’s…November 21st, 2011


So, a while back, I was doing weekly FYI, but that just didn’t seem exactly my style. So, it just kind of hung there and I haven’t really done anything “weekly” since.

Then last week, I started looking – I mean REALLY looking at all the people I follow on Twitter. 3 words: AH. MAZ. ING. Seriously, people are truly amazing about what they share. And the sad thing is, some of these people aren’t getting the recognition that they should.

So I decided to keep share the AMAZINGNESS I found by checking out who I was following on twitter. At first, I thought I would call it my weekly inspirations, but I didn’t want anyone to think that this was some sort of barfy inspirational quotes that I found on the internets somewhere. This is the truly AMAZINGNESS that you’re probably missing out on. Some are WTF? Others are so good you just sit there crying your eyes out, others are eat-your-heart-0ut adorable, and some are just WHATEV – but with attitude. And that’s why I’m renaming my weekly sharing series to:

Weekly Inspirations: AKA WTF’s, Cry-your-eyes-out, eat-your-heart-out or Whatev’s…November 21st, 2011

  1. Especially with the Thanksgiving feast coming up, I wish working out were THIS easy…
  2. But THIS is what you want to look like, and that’s when I started crying….
  3. After seeing body rock, FUCK YOU! – my sentiments EXACTLY!
  4. And if you just want to be irresponsible, there’s alot of us right there with you! Like Yo Mama’s Blog – she is fucking crazy or fucking hilarious or both.
  5. This is so beautiful. And so creative. This is what you can do if you have 2 girlfriends and some empty butter containers, and OH, perfect pitch! Call your girlfriend!
  6. RAW. BEAUTIFUL. HORROR. I don’t have the words to describe these images. Just go look!
  7. Do you wonder about strangers? I do. This is long, but SO WORTH IT.
  8. I love it that music, dance and beauty are the universal language here. AH.MAZ.ING.NESS. x100
  9. Penguins wearing sweaters. Nothing more to say about that.
  10. My post it notes were never this AH.MAZ.ING.
What’s going on in your twitter feed? If it’s not simply amazing, you’re following the wrong people!
And that’s a great way to start the week and get shit done!
Over and out bitches!

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