Weekly FYI – October 23rd, 2011


Last week was spent, trying to find myself, find my voice, find the ME in my thoughts. Writing, adapting, experimenting with what I want to say, what I want to share. I’m struggling with developing all of that that, but then I realize…

it will BE what it IS.

or perhaps, what I really mean is…

I will be who I AM.

And when I realized this very basic thought (again -it’s something we all know but forget from time to time), the imagined burden I felt – lightened. I relaxed – a bit. The pressure I felt to be witty, to be funny, to be someone-not-quite-me so that you would read this not-me-ness, was all of the sudden absurd.

Today, was spent relaxing, regrouping, re-energizing, re-committing. So much of our time is spend trying to get from here to there, moving forward, listing our goals, accomplishing goals, keeping ourselves in motion, that we spend so little time

owning THIS moment,

being content in THIS second,

enjoying what right NOW feels like.

So, I have spent the entire weekend with myself, listening to myself, and just being me.

No expectations, no plans, no hurry.

And you know what? I enjoyed every minute of what I am now coining “spontaneous leisure.” It may not sound as fun or exciting as, say something like, “spontaneous combustion,” but believe me can have an equally impressive impact. Try it. You’ll thank me.

which leads me to the NINJA (bitch), CEO’s edition of

WEEKLY FYI for October 23rd, 2011:

  1. Joy and Sorrow” spoke to me as I was trying to find the ME in me.
  2. Sassy Gay Friend – Hamlet – best quote: “Instead of drowning yourself, you’re going to wrote a sad poem in your journal and MOVE ON. PS – This is the best your hair has ever looked!” LOVE the Sassy Gay Friend for every occasion where you might need a pep talk!
  3. Gives new meaning to “bringing home the bacon.
  4. What it means to be a GROWN-UP.
  5. Sometimes you just need a different perspective.
  6. Oldie but goodie. Who doesn’t like it when Betty White swears?
  7. Another older but goodie. I watch this every time I need a laugh. Little PEARL, the drunken landlord will kick your ass if you don’t PAY NOW. “I want my money, bitch!”
  8. Kids write the darndest things on their tests!
  9. Everything you need to know about poop and farts, and then some. Including answers to questions like “Is it possible to leave a brown spot on your pants because of a fart, and if so, what causes it?”
  10. Just when I think all men are pigs, I find THIS. So good, but be ready to cry.
Enjoy the week, and find some time to JUST BE.
-NINJA (bitch), CEO

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