This is not a NOTHING blog about BLAH BLAH and blah…


So what does it mean to be NINJA (bitch), CEO anyway?

I’m not just writing a NOTHING blog about BLAH Blah blah…

So, what the hell AM I writing about, for, to, anyway?

I’m writing about my vulnerabilities as a woman, as a mother, as a writer, as a business leader, as a human being. And at my weakest moments, at my most vulnerable, and when I have the most fear in my heart, I have found that the snarky, kick@ss bitch attitude in me pulls me up by my bootstraps, tells me to hang on for my dear life,


All of the sudden, I am…

NINJA (bitch), CEO.

  • CEO with an extra attitude
  • Ninja with a touch of snark
  • and 100% BITCH with a heart of gold

I know what I want, I know where I’m going (and I wear kick ass shoes getting there) and I’m going there at my speed, which may be fast, slow or who the hell cares.

I’m going places (bitches!!)

and the whole way there, I’m whooping and hollering and YEEHAW’ing Y’ALL’ing and giggling up a storm.

I hope the journey is worth reading about (to you) as much as it means (to me) to write about it.

This is THAT blog.

~NINJA (bitch), CEO

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