The bitch really needs a name!


The thought of writing this blog and sharing my innermost thoughts with the world terrifies me and excites me!

Here is how I have rationalized it to myself:

Ninja Bitch CEO - Me, myself & I

Scaredy Me: what if someone finds out who we are?

NINJAbitchCEO: who cares? And what if they did?

Scaredy Me: we might never get hired again if they find out what goes on in our  heads.

NINJAbitchCEO: or we could just might blow the lid off this whole charade and make it totally FANTASTIC, ppl could totally read, nodd their heads in agreement, we could go totally viral yo!

Scaredy Me: no really, we might never get called for another gig again.

NINJAbitchCEO: well then, we will need to make sure to protect ourselves now, don’t we?

Scaredy Me: no seriously! This is not joke.

NINJAbitchCEO: don’t make me go all NINJAbitchCEO on your ass. Superhero’s have secret identities – no one finds out. We get to be hero’s yo! Actually, that’s heroines. And technically, it’s HEROINE, as in singular, unless you count multiple personalities, and we wouldn’t count you, as you’re not the heroine, you’re just the sidekick, the voice of reason, except that right now you’re being totally unreasonable.

Scaredy Me: no one said anything about being a superhero. Do we get costumes? Can we have cool sparkly shoes?

NINJAbitchCEO: let’s get this shit done!

Note to NINJAbitchCEO self: TOTALLY have to come up with a name for my other personalities. Can’t keep calling her “scaredy me” -who’s scared? Not me! And why would I refer to one of my multiple personalities as “scary me?” that would imply that somewhere, somehow, in the darkest corner of my mind, there is a little insecurity. That can’t be. And “scaredy me” just is not bad ass. No multiple personality of mine is going to be anything but NINJAbitchCEO!

Side Note 1: The picture is my scribble of what I imagine this conversation looked like. The NINJA bitch, CEO on the left is my bad ass self, as illustrated with the little red devilish horns. The other one has a pancake aja halo over her head to denote she is the more angelic of my two dominant personalities.

Side Note 2: Self-explanatory explained/DUH: I am a writer, and hopefully you are more entertained with my writing than my reading. If you’re looking for good art, a graphic novel, or good illustrations, this is NOT that blog.

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