and that’s why her name is Dorothy, bitch!


I’ve been racking my brain, to try to come up with an appropriate name for one of my multiple personalities, whom I have been referring to as “scaredy me.”

Especially since I’m not a scared-y cat, not even a little. And even though this is just a term of endearment for one of my dysfunctions, I want it to be GOOD.


And she will be called DOROTHY, as in referencing Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz YO!  I mean, how perfect! She’s totally adorable and so innocent. But YO! She did totally killed both the wicked witch of the east AND the wicked witch of the west, by *accident* ! Who kills TWO wicked witches “by accident?” Total ninja bitch if you ask me!

And so that’s why her name is “Dorothy,” bitch!

Getting shit done all the time – yo!

Note1: I tried to draw a cartoon, but it just was NOT working out today.

Note2: And this is what I imagine she’s wearing. A blue/white gingham shirt, some bad ass jeans, and some rocker-chic red sparkly shoes. OH, and I *happen* to have these in my closet to help you imagine “Dorothy,” as I’ve imagined her.

Note to NINJA bitch, CEO self: Need to get her a badass ninja mask.

-NINJA bitch, CEO

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